What An Impact We Can Make

A bold request… I’m asking you, wherever you are in the world, to take a stand with me. Write a word, note, or letter that acknowledges the greatness in someone. What a huge impact we can make. You don't have to be a writer, it's okay if your handwriting is a bit crazy, you may write on crumpled paper, and, yes, it will be perfectly imperfect. The simple notion of expressing our gratitude for those in our life is worth it. Our act of kindness can empower lives, cultivate gratitude, and remind us how much we matter to one another.

@wynwoodmiami : @anthonytomphotography
@wynwoodmiami : @anthonytomphotography

Kaleidoscope Voice

The thought of the Kaleidoscope Voice was created from the idea of elevating the world through the colorful expression of gratitude. When we take a moment to acknowledge the greatness in others we create the very essence of happiness through love and appreciation.

Your World

Who are the people that make up your world? Who are the people that were a part of your journey to get you exactly where you are in this moment? Who are the people in your communities? Who are the people in your life that you simply pass by? Our friends, family, colleagues, communities, and strangers in our lives are worth the moment it takes to write or draw an expression of gratitude.



Take this on in your own space, together with friends, create an event, get involved with your school, or your business. Align with the people that make up your world.



Note written to a father : Thank you for all of the sacrifices you have made to give us an extraordinarily beautiful life. Letter left by a stranger : I create. I impact. I am powerful beyond measure. Enough already. I am enough, already.



Mail them, hand them to people you pass along your day, place them as a surprise, give them to those in your communities. Flow with the endless possibilities.


Please share with us your thoughts, moments in the process, feelings, connections, experiences, letters, & photographs. We would love to see your Kaleidoscope Voice. @ReWriteTheMind


Celebrate With Us : Miami Florida's Nonprofit Kaleidoscope Voice Event is Saturday, May 5th from 5-6:30pm at The LAB Miami. Let's explore our creativity, spend time with those we love, & make a positive impact. Limited seating, get your tickets asap. // More Details